Welcome to First Chapters

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Ever wanted to know if the first few pages of a book were good enough to continue reading?

Will a book be engaging enough or will it bore you to death?

Then listen to First Chapters, a podcast from Gray Cat Books — hosted by Nina MacNamara and Engineer Mike. 

The plot thickens!

Note: we may spoil the plots of a lot of these books!

About our hosts:

Nina MacNamara is an author and podcaster from Lansing, MI. She is very judgmental about what she reads and has frequent hot takes about established, award-winning authors. Her third book is called This Is What You Wanted and she also co-hosts Pop Medieval with Dr. Richard Scott Nokes.

Engineer Mike is the silent engineer behind Pop Medieval and the extremely talkative co-host of First Chapters. He is a voracious reader and loves to opine about all things science fiction, fantasy, and epic space operas.


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